Looking Forward

This is the end of the journey through most of the challenges that our societies must overcome to increase access to clean water. Water security is a matter of life and death. The longer changes are postponed, the worse the situation becomes. As Mission 2017 students, we have recommended solutions to solve this complex problem. These presented solutions are comprehensive and include a broad range of economical, political, social, and technical measures.

The future from today does not depend solely on us. Understanding the relatively short amount of time dedicated to the immense task of ensuring water security, Mission 2017 recognizes our limits and acknowledge that so far, we did all we could to solve this complex problem. Now, we need your help to change the world. Our vision for the future involves everyone – policy makers, experts, and the general public. This website can be used as a guide, for inspiration to recognize and implement, to the best extent, our relevant solutions. One thing that is necessary for this mission’s success is for everyone to learn about water security. We hope that all people will come to understand that the natural resource most of us take for granted is threatened and that we must work together to ensure a safe supply for all.